Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs – Series 3

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Series 3 of the Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs includes 8 more figures to collect. These include 2 rares and 1 ultra rare active camo figure. Below you can see pictures of the packaging and the insert as well as all 9 figures in this series (grunts come 2 to a pack). Below each figures picture and the imprinted codes that are on the packaging.

Series 3 Packaging
96954 Halo Mystery Foil Pack Series 3 468x570 Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs   Series 3

Series 3 Insert
Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs Series 3 Insert

Orange UNSC Spartan w/ Spiker (Common)

A01030MM, A04051MM, A01041MM, A02061MM, A02071MM, A02081MM, A01091MM, A15081MM, A16091MM, A10101MM

halo series3 orange spartan 570x377 Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs   Series 3

2X Copper Grunts w/ Plasma Pistol and Grenade (Common)

A03031MM, A06051MM, A04041MM, A04061MM, A05071MM, A04081MM, A03091MM, A17081MM, A19091MM, A13101MM

halo series3 covenant grunts 570x377 Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs   Series 3

Blue Brute w/ Spiker (Common)

A05031MM, A09051MM, A07041MM, A08061MM, A07071MM, A06081MM, A19081MM, A21091MM, A17101MM

halo series3 blue brute 570x377 Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs   Series 3

UNSC Arctic Pilot w/ Pistol (Common)

A04031MM, A07051MM, A06041MM, A07061MM, A06071MM, A05081MM, A18081MM, A20091MM, A14101MM

halo series3 unsc arctic pilot 570x377 Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs   Series 3

Yellow UNSC Marine w/ Assault Rifle (Common)

A09031MM, A11051MM, A09041MM, A10061MM, A09071MM, A09081MM, A08091MM, A22081MM, A19101MM

halo series3 unsc yellow marine 570x377 Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs   Series 3

Cyan CQB w/ Pistol (Rare)

A02031MM, A05051MM, A02041MM, A03061MM, A04071MM, A03081MM, A16081MM, A17091MM, A12101MM

halo series3 rare cyan cqb spartan 2 570x377 Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs   Series 3

Yellow Elite Pilot w/ AC Energy Sword (Rare)

A07031MM, A10051MM, A08041MM, A09061MM, A08071MM, A08081MM, A07091MM, A20081MM, A22091MM, A18101MM

halo series3 rare yellow elite pilot 570x377 Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs   Series 3

Active-Camo Elite w/ AC Energy Sword (Ultra Rare)

A10031MM, A12051MM, A11041MM, A11061MM, A11071MM, A10081MM, A09091MM, A23081MM, A24091MM, A20101MM

halo series3 ultra rare ac elite 2 570x377 Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs   Series 3

 Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs   Series 3

Mega Bloks Halo SERIES2&3  mini figures 3 RARE 9 total w/weapon & instruc
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Mega Construx/Bloks - Halo Heroes Series 3 - Elite Honor Guards
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Halo - Mega Bloks - Metallic Series lot - 3 super poseable micro action figures
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Halo Mega Bloks Series 3 Covenant Copper Grunts w/ Pistol & Grenade 2x (Common)
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Buy It Now @ $4.00
Auction on eBay ends in: 1d 6h 12m
HALO ~ Halo Build & Combine Booster Packs Series 1 ~ 3 Pack Set by MEGA BLOKS
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HALO Mega Bloks Series 3 Copper Covenant Grunts Figures
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lot of  8 Halo Mega Bloks Series 3 Covenant Blue Brute action figure no gun #df5
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  • Ubernoob says:

    admin. What area do the new halo megabloks sets come out in first? I live in PA and the white combat unit/battle pack 2 haven’t even come out yet! Do you have any info regarding any of this?!?

    • Admin says:

      Most releases show up on the west coast first, typically at Fed Meyers stores. The Arctic Combat Unit has been out for a long time and is probably harder to find now because its old. The Battle Pack 2 can be found at Toys R Us.

      • Ubernoob says:

        hm, alright. I’ll be on the lookout at toys r us, but that’s weird with the arctic combat unit. its like my stores never got it. and beileve me, i would’ve known if they had it in. my family makes regular trips to target and/or walmart every weekend…..hmph. weird. any other possible stores it could’a been at?

      • Admin says:

        maybe kmart

      • Ubernoob says:

        Ps, I don’t really think the age of the set matters. my stores are still selling the wave one scorpion tank XD.

  • Jonathan says:


  • jordan says:

    this is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Austin says:

    I got the series 3 in Minnesota I got 4ac elites

  • GUN HQ Defence force in reach says:

    I looked in toys r us in Philadelphia in can’t find the
    battle unit II. I live in philadelphia PA

  • Jacker says:

    Cool but I noticed there are two ac energy swords and two spikers it looks like mega got a little lazy with the weapons but cool anyways I can tell they didn’t get lazy with the figures which to me are more important than weapons

  • I live in New york, and i cant get anything new… the newest thing is the Red weapons packs & red Covy unit… not fair!

  • connor says:

    dude look at the cqb that is awsome

  • Jerry says:

    I AM Gonna Gett Some off the internet im gonna get it in JULY

  • birdboy says:

    when will series 3 be out in the middle area of the us

  • spartan 117 says:

    My newest kit comes with a spartan laser also i printed out the series one codes i’m planning to get every active camo figure i already have the series 2 active camo hellibringer a.k.a flame marine and the active camo brute!!!!!!! i am planning to use these codes to get ac elite and spartan!

  • spartan 117 says:

    i really want to get an ac elite and spartan!

  • jay says:

    where do they come out around San Diego what about target

  • Metallicaman says:

    Ok, any dates for ATL GA? i cant wait

  • burdy91 says:

    any idea when these will be out in the uk? also the unsc pellican is on sale here for £12.49, which to you americans is less than $20 but its out of stock!! p.s i dont like the AC versions much. they look a bit rubbish

    • Feline says:

      I saw that Burdy91 – it has went back up in price overnight, damnit!
      But I heard that these will be out in the UK in either September or August, but hopefully in the middle or end of July we might see them.

  • Connor says:

    woooo i just bought the box set of ebay for £50.00 woooooo

  • mando-spartan says:

    I am going to get them all because they look so cool

  • Temarek says:

    Series 3 has finally arrived in northern Illinois. Wiped out my local target and got the following. 1 ac elite 1 yellow elite 3 cyan spartans 1 pair of grunts 4 white pilots and 5 orange spartans. My son is loving it and I must admit I like them to.
    This series detail is arms above 1st two, mega bloks did good

  • Ryan says:

    The code for AC Elite is wrong… It’s actually 12051MM… There’s an extra “0″.

  • Luke says:

    I got all of these the first day they came to Georgia.

  • Eddy says:

    Anyone know when this will come to Franklin County PA?

  • spartan says:

    anyone knows when it comes out in Katy, Texas

  • jermain says:

    i have some new hero pack codes

  • eddy says:

    I just found thus at my local target in chambersburg pa!!!!!!!

  • spartan1337 says:

    i hate how they copy the 6 inch halo figures to megabloks like the new yellow flight i have the figure that looks just like it another is the elite acetic that comes with the rocket hog vs covenent aa gun they made a acsetic just like it

  • dudex says:

    got a white pilot!!!!! 3rd fav next ill use codes and get number one!!! ac elite!!!

  • Don says:

    Hey, my 9 year old son found your site and told me about the codes and using your app I’ve been looking for the rare figures he wants.
    Today while in Target in Utah I found a case of figures and while they are similar, none of the codes matched your site. I searched though the box and found the code A11061MM that seems similar to the Rare AC Elite figure code (and it was the only one of that code in the case) so I bought it and yes, it is the AC Elite. I also bought A10061MM thinking it might be the Rare Yellow Elite but it turned out to be the Yellow Marine.
    I plan to go back tomorrow and see if I can figure out which is the Yellow Elite…
    Has anyone else seen these odd codes?

    • blurr says:

      I actually had the same thing happen tonight. A brand new box of series 3 got put out at our local target and two packs stood out to me, a11061m and a10061mm. I could tell the marine was the marine from feeling the gun, and I could tell the other was an elite from the sword, just wasnt sure until now that it was the AC. Thanks for confirming ^^, didnt wanna open till I found out for sure. Inviso elite army coming along nicely xD

    • Rob says:

      Don, i too have found all these codes, i went to my local walmart and no codes matched up with the bags, there were codes ending in a07061mm etc all of them ended in 61 and the one above was a UNSC Arctic Pilote with pistol

    • blurr says:

      I also noticed a packaging difference between these new numbers and older. The warning chocking hazard in the upper left corner is now in a brown box, where there was no box before. Perhaps mega bloks efforts to stop code breaking ?

  • twoodyatwoody says:

    Dear Admin, or anyone else who might know,

    Do you know when the series 3 blind packs will be available in the uk (Wales) ???

    • Spartan Bloks says:

      Hi twoodyatwoody,

      Series 3 is already out in the UK, we started to see them in GAME, Toy R Us and a couple of other places from about a month now. You’ll still find series 2 in most places but that’s slowly changing and it depends on the area you live in. If you head over to our forums we’ve got a special UK sightings section that might interest you here.


      • twoodyatwoody says:

        Its strange because two days after I posted this I went into my local GameStation store and there they were !!! Do u decided to pick the last three of them up and i’ll defiantly be over there again when there are more un stock :) thank you for the reply anyway :D

  • zephon says:

    Hi, does anyone have a complete table for the A**061MM of Series 3? We have those here in Manila, Philippines and this is what I’ve bothered to tally so far:

    Grunts – A04061MM
    Cyan Spartan – A03061MM
    AC Coventant Elite – A11061MM

  • ebfireguy says:

    Hey guys I just bought the whole damn box of figures at my local toys r us in new Jersey, I’ll post my finding for the new numbers and figures later today, btw toys r us is having a buy 1 get 1 50% off on all Mega blocks from 9/4 till 9/10 get um while thr gettings good

  • ebfireguy says:

    Here’s the figures and the numbers that I found today
    AC elite-A11071MM
    Orange spartan- A02071MM
    CQB spartan- A04071MM
    Arctic pilot- A06071MM
    Brute- A07071MM
    Yellow elite pilot- A08071MM
    Yellow marine-A09071MM

    I hope this helps everyone in there search, the figures were purchased in centeral new Jersey at toys r us

  • CIA says:

    wow thankes a lot.i’ll be looking for the active camo elite and it will help.thankes!

  • spartan117 says:

    i have 5 flights, 5 ac elites and 3 cyan cqbs i found out what is in what so thats why i have so many

  • joe says:

    Ive got 10 arctic packs and im taking bids o yea i also got white rockethog

  • Stan says:

    Noticed in the last week at Target…..here in California…..
    all the Series 3 hero packs…..now have codes that end
    in 081MM …….the first 3 digits are….
    must be the new batches with new codes……
    never saw these before…..

  • Mochanic says:

    The 091MM packs are out, anybody have the codes yet?

  • Mochanic says:

    Just opened 4 of the 091MM codes.
    A01091MM is the Orange Spartan
    A07091MM is the Yellow Elite
    A08091MM is the Yellow Marine
    A09091MM is the Active Camo Elite

  • Eriq says:

    I can vouch for ‘MOCHANIC”

    quoteJust opened 4 of the 091MM codes.
    A01091MM is the Orange Spartan
    A07091MM is the Yellow Elite
    A08091MM is the Yellow Marine
    A09091MM is the Active Camo Elite

    I repeat, if yours don’t end in 91MM then these codes are NOT for you!

    A02091MM Cyan blue(rare)
    A06091MM Brute
    A05091MM Artic Pilot
    A03091MM 2x Copper grunts


    from my favorites i have got 4 camo elites:D(ultra rare) and i have noticed that in every box(24 baggies) there is only 1 camo elite! lol because he is the rarest i assume :p but all 4 boxes i checked i got them all :D

    and have 3 cyan blues and 3 yellow elite :D

  • Spartan Bloks says:

    Nice job Eriq and Mochanic, thanks for sharing, we’ll get those codes added to the site asap.

  • Indie Guy says:

    Mmmm… Admin,
    Do you know if until this day are the same codes? The Halo and Marvel?
    Because I’m Going Travel To USA and i wanna buy some of them.

  • Arbiter says:

    Eriq and Mochanic, i went to wamart yesterday, i saw 081 codes and i didnt have the list of them! I had to feel for the guns, so i felt an AR so it was the marine and i poicked it up cuz i did not have it yet. im probably going there again this weekend, so ill pick more up. The code for the Yellow UNSC Marine in the 081 series is:
    Sorry Admin, That is all I have. I will check back in the tore though!

  • covenant leader says:

    arctic pilot A15081MM

  • flywheels says:

    Orange Spartan – A02081MM

  • covenant leader says:

    spartan bloks we need some 081 codes i see those codes at all my local stores please get more


    Hey Admin are the codes under the bar code?

  • ZeroGFrame says:

    Yeah, I saw a whole bunch of these guys at Target today, and all the codes started A11, A14, etc. Nothing in the listing for them… anyone have any info on these? I’d like to get a few more grunts before all we can find are Series 4.

  • ZeroGFrame says:

    Oh, and to COVENANT LORD… the codes are imprinted on the side edge of the package, not the bar code. No ink, just an indentation.


    Thanks zerogframe.

  • ZeroGFrame says:

    Yay, updated codes! Thanks, powers-that-be!! ^_^

  • boss101 says:

    thanks a lot all of you, you guys have made my christmas ! :P

  • stlmharts says:

    Found a new one today
    A24091MM Active Camo Elite
    A23091MM Yellow UNSC Marine

    Hope this helps someone

    Bought on Dec 26 at Walmart in St Louis

  • jose says:

    Hey would anyone tell me where i could sell my active camouflage convenant elite with energy sword. It is the halo limited edition game crazy exclusive and how much do yall think its worth right now if its still in the box and is in great condition?answer back asap plz thanx

  • Does it also work for La Grande,Oregon? (walmart) Please reply as soon as possible

  • I must know before this coming up Friday I will be going to Walmart thanks!

  • sam says:

    I picked up 9 elites at once at a local target. Anyone want one?

  • airsoftman110 says:

    i have 1 ac elite 2 artic pilots 1 cyan spartan 1unsc marine and 1brute i need three more guys to complete my collection am going to target tomarrow to get them hopefully these codes work

  • Myarmyshishrond says:

    Ty so much for the great post, I just found lots figures. Found me some series 3 paks. I’ve been looking for ac elites, this post led me right to them!

  • Dexter says:

    is this out already in the philippines and someone please give me the location we to buy!!

  • Halo Guy says:

    Add A23091MM to the yellow marine with assault rifle.

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