Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs Series 4

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Series 4 of the Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs includes 8 figures to collect. These include 2 rares and 1 ultra rare figure. Below you can see pictures of the packaging and the insert as well as all 8 figures in this series. For each figure we’ve also included its codes which are found on the back of the pack.

Series 4 Packaging

Series 4 Insert

Series 4 Set

halo mega bloks series 4 complete set Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs Series 4

Crimson Elite Pilot (Common)

A22091MM, A13101MM, A08111MM, A22111MM, A16121MM

Green UNSC Marine (Common)

A17091MM, A12101MM, A02111MM, A12121MM

Copper Covenant Brute (Common)

A21091MM, A17101MM, A07111MM, A21111MM, A15121MM

Blue Covenant Elite (Common)

A20091MM, A14101MM, A04111MM, A18111MM, A14121MM, A18121MM

Arctic UNSC Pilot (Common)

A16091MM, A10101MM, A01111MM, A15111MM, A09121MM

Yellow UNSC ODST (Rare)

A19091MM, A18101MM, A03111MM, A17111MM, A13121MM

Purple UNSC Eva (Rare)

A23091MM, A19101MM, A09111MM, A23111MM, A19121MM

Cortana (Ultra Rare)

A24091MM, A20101MM, A10111MM, A24111MM, A10022MM

 Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs Series 4

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  • adrian says:

    how much r they in mexico

  • ramon says:

    codes of series 4:
    Crimson Elite Pilot (Common)a22111mm
    Green UNSC Marine (Common)a16111mm
    Copper Covenant Brute (Common)a21111mm
    Blue Covenant Elite (Common)a18111mm
    Arctic UNSC Pilot (Common)a15111mm
    Yellow UNSC ODST (Rare)a17111mm and A19091MM
    Purple UNSC Eva (Rare)a23111mm

  • jacen says:

    cortana???ill pose that next to my chief and arbiter… 🙂

  • alexander says:

    way cool

  • Scott says:

    when will you update the lists?

  • Matt says:

    some douche bags put holes in ALL the bags in BOTH cases and took all the rares and ultra rares, now i im never going to find a cortana or EVA.

    • Brandon says:

      Got an eva and think theres a cortana somewhere because I bought lotsa packages and open 1 a day-some dippy person did the same but to all the armoury packs and I only just got a CQB one because it was down the back.

    • zaneman says:

      i found cortana at target in little rock

  • Mechrior says:

    Just recieved a box of Series 4!!!!!

    Living in the UK it has been HELL to get any at all! Was slightly dissapointed that in a full box of 24 I didnt get all of the figures, but something made me go huh within a few minutes!

    There are 9 codes in my box!!!!!

    A10101MM (Common) Arctic UNSC Pilot
    A12101MM (Common) Green UNSC Marine
    A13101MM (Common) Crimson Elite Pilot
    A14101MM (Common) Blue Covenant Elite
    A17101MM (Common) Copper Covenant Brute
    A18101MM (Rare) Yellow UNSC ODST
    A19101MM (Rare) Purple UNSC EVA Spartan

    Notice A15101MM & A16101MM are not in my box of 24 AT ALL!!!! but I only have Cortana outstanding? Does this mean there is a ninth figure in this series as with the other 3 but the packaging does not show this?!?!

    You make up your own mind but right now MB are not in my good books as by buying a 24 pack box you were guaranteed a full 8 set, it seems they have changed this for the new series!

    • halo is my name says:

      hey sry but not really they skip numbers in every set of codes in this case those two codes. I have seen this in series 2 and 3.

    • Simon says:

      I’ve opened nearly 70 boxes and today found my 1st Cortana figure, RARE much!

      • Max says:

        Are the 70 over boxes that you opened brand new boxes> Or were they boxes left on the shelves at the store?

        Just curious as I am contemplating getting a box of 24 packs. Would hate to have not even a complete set of 8..

      • Damien says:

        I’m in brisvegas, and I’ve found and bought fourteen. However, I did go through about fifty odd stores, too many boxes and so many individual sleeves, it gave me blisters…

        I concur with the list of serials compiled here.

        Max, the quoted availability of Cortana packs is one in every four boxes. And as always with blind packs, you are never guaranteed that you will get that elusive ultra rare.

        My method was rather simple. I became friends with the toy shop owners and department heads. Most of these people are good drinking buddies. So when a new shipment came in, I was able to give the box a cursory glance over B4 it went on to the shelf.

        As for keeping them, no. I only have one. The rest were auctioned on E-bay. Best price for one, AU$72.40. Considering it was an AU$4.00 investment, I’d say **Keep On Trying**.

  • Red says:

    Found some at my local target in so cal with new codes.

    A02111MM Green Marine
    A03111MM Yellow ODST
    A04111MM Arctic Pilot *
    A07111MM Copper Brute
    A08111MM Elite *
    A09111MM Purple EVA

    The one with the stars i didn’t buy but i felt out their weapons so not sure what elite it is.

  • Rarrrarrrarr says:

    A new one

    A01111MM Arctic UNSC Pilot (Common)

  • I Want My Cortana says:

    Verification for the 111MM Series 4 Codes

    A01111MM – Arctic UNSC Pilot (Common)
    A02111MM – Green UNSC Marine (Common)
    A03111MM – Yellow UNSC ODST (Rare)
    A04111MM – Blue Covenant Elite (Common)
    A07111MM – Copper Covenant Brute (Common)
    A08111MM – Crimson Elite Pilot (Common)
    A09111MM – Purple UNSC EVA Spartan (Rare)

    Cortana is unknown, but prob a A05, A06, or A10

  • wili says:

    when comes the next series ?????

  • SpoinkTheHayabusa says:

    new brute code:A07111MM

  • Adamassc says:

    Got the list for the A–111MM series:
    01,15:Arctic Pilot
    02,16:Green Marine
    03,17:yellow ODST
    04,18: Blue Elite
    07,21: Copper Brute
    08,22: Crimson Elite Pilot
    09,23:Purple EVA
    10,24: Cortana

    It seems like Cortana is the last figure by number, so if you can place the EVA, she’s the next number for that series.

  • Tim says:

    Found a new back of code numbers the over the past two days, though I only purchased the Cortana from this wave (and two commons from an earlier wave). Cortana’s number was A24111MM. There were other numbers (such as A23111MM, A22111MM, A16111MM, etc). I’m not 100% certain that they correlate to the A##091MM stamps listed first, but they’re probabaly in the same order.

  • ZeroGFrame says:

    Do we have any updates on 111MM-series Cortana? I still can’t find her anywhere (they were right, she IS unusually rare). Also, it would be nice to have the new codes we’ve been finding added into the top listing… I was going to post the codes I found, but someone beat me to it. ^_^

    • Tim says:

      The problem with finding Cortana is that most people don’t even need to spend the time looking through the codes to find her because of the relatively big 4×6 base plate she comes with that is really easy to feel out (much like the silver surfer’s surfboard).


    Hey anybody when does this series hit the east coast.

  • Robert says:

    So the codes mentioned here are found on the back of the mystery pack and can be used to identify the figure before i purchase one?

  • Deon says:

    cortana is A20101MM

  • John says:

    Where do I look for the codes on the package?

  • Dad says:

    My son has just bought two packets one with code A10101MM and the other with A19101MM thinking he was getting the Arctic UNSC Pilot and the Purple UNSC Eva and was disappointed to get two Arctic Pilots. Anybody else found the codes not to work so has Mega Bloks pulled a fast one as I asked my son to check the baseplates thinking the wrong figure might have got in the pack but both baseplates correspond to the packet numbers.

    • Simon says:

      I have had the same thing. I just though I got them mixed up at first but double and triple checked.

      I have Arctic Pilots with both A10101MM and A19101MM and Purple EVA with A10101MM, matching codes on bases and bags.

      Though the above list gives the Arctic Pilot as A10101MM and EVA as A19101MM

      A manufacturing run error?

  • Somthing is wrong says:

    Anybody know when this series hits the east coast.

  • TW says:

    Found some new codes:
    09121 Arctic Pilot
    12121 Green Marine
    13121 Yellow ODST
    14121 Navy Combat Elite
    15121 Copper Brute
    16121 Crimson Flight Elite
    19121 Purple EVA

  • somting is wrong says:

    green marine = A16111 mm.

  • party-man 2012 says:

    does anybody have any codes for cortana? been looking 4 one, but can never find one.

  • party-man 2012 says:

    anybody know what happened 2 the series 4 packages at walmart? been a while since i have seen a single blind package at any walmart. will be helpful 2 know what happened.

  • Dillon says:

    any idea what the clips on cortana’s stand attach to?

    • Damien says:


      Nothing. The put together base is only designed to represent the core porgramming chip the Master Chief is given right at the beginning.

  • Alex says:

    New series of codes has been released. I have 7 packs but I’m waiting on some info first.
    The codes are A–022.
    I have A01, 02, 03, 06, 07, 08, and 09. Not sure if 04 and 05 were skipped and there is a 10 or what.

  • Alex says:

    Guy from above again, just letting everyone know that A09022 is the Purple EVA spartan. I’m willing to assume that the new series is this-
    A01022-Crimson Elite
    A02022-Green Marine
    A03022-Copper Brute
    A06022-Blue Elite
    A07022-Arctic Pilot
    A08022-Yellow ODST
    A09022-Purple EVA

    Be careful; the only code I’m positive about is the EVA spartan.

  • jonny says:

    i payed £1.98 on two in argos

  • JMW says:

    AWESOME thank you for posting the codes. I went to Walmart 2 days ago and rummaged through a box of series 4 looking for a Cortana. I was feeling for the larger base block. I bought 2 that I thought might be her, but no luck. Today I found your site and sent back armed with the codes and HOORAH! the last one in the box was A10111MM. I got my Cortana! I missed it first time. Thank you!

  • Justin says:

    New cortana code! : A20121MM

  • zack says:

    where do you find the codes

  • leesmack says:

    where do i find the code on the package for series 4?

  • Matt says:

    man i went to walmart and they had 2 new full boxes and not ONE of them was a Cortana, this freaking sucks balls. im never going to get her.

  • Halofan88 says:

    Just for when it comes around, for series 5, the rare blue translucent spartan’s number is A15032MM

  • Unmasterchief says:

    I gotta say alot of the codes listed are wrong, I bought 2 packs with the codes A19101MM expected the purple EVA but got the Arctic Pilot, Even unopened I can feel that the helmet is NOT an EVA one

  • shadowynne says:

    yeah, hey people the listed codes DO NOT WORK. several listed codes for the purple eva and cortana are for the arctic pilot.

  • heroscaper15 says:

    In the UK, A02022MM is the Green UNSC Marine.

  • Lily96 says:

    i want to get cortana and where is the code? is it on the back?
    can some1 tell me wheres the code… i usually find them what i wanted by feeling it lolz and cortana arm is bent and her stand is large than others so like yeah….

  • Chris Fau says:

    A07111MM is NOT the Yellow UNSC ODST [Rare] as listed in Main Listing

  • NICK says:

    A09032MM is Purple UNSC EVA Spartan

  • Gerrysnaps says:

    A01022MM – Arctic UNSC Pilot
    A16121MM / A08022MM – Crimson Elite Pilot

  • tyler says:

    i just got the code for cortana im going to a bizzilon stores if i have too still need arbiter and chife and ill have every type of covenent and the UNSC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HALOKID 98 says:

    I have a cortana and The purple Eva and the.yellow odst

  • CGR says:

    A07032MM is Copper Brute

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