Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs Series 5.5

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Series 5.5 of the Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs is identical to series 5 except the ultra rare figure is a black UNSC EVA. Again it includes 8 core figures and 3 mystery figures.

As before the 8 core figures consist of 5 commons, 2 rares and 1 ultra rare figure. In addition to these Mega Bloks have like series 5 included 3 additional mystery figures which are not documented on the standard insert.

Below you can see pictures of the packaging and the insert as well as all 8 core figures as well as the 3 mystery figures in this series. For each figure we’ve also included its codes which are found on the back of the pack.

Series 5.5 Packaging

Series 5.5 Insert

Series 5.5 Set

UNSC Cobalt Marine (Common)


Purple Covenant Combat Elite (Common)


UNSC Yellow Marine (Common)


UNSC Green Spartan (Common)


Copper Covenant Grunt (Common)


Flood Combat Form (Rare)


Arctic UNSC CQB (Rare)


Stealth EVA Spartan (Ultra Rare)


Half AC Brown (Smoke) Spartan with Shotgun (Mystery Figure 1)


Half AC Blue Spartan with Beam Rifle (Mystery Figure 2)


Half AC Red Spartan with Needler (Mystery Figure 3)


 Halo Mega Bloks Hero Packs Series 5.5

Halo Mega Bloks Series 5.5 UNSC Smoke Translucent Spartan Ultra Rare SEALED
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Auction on eBay ends in: 4d 23h 4m
Halo Mega Bloks 2012 Series 5/5.5 Mystery Trans Blue UNSC Spartan CHASE
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Auction on eBay ends in: 8d 10h 28m
Mega Bloks - Halo - series 5.5 - STEALTH Eva SPARTAN -  new in PACKAGE
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Halo Mega Bloks Series 5.5 Stealth EVA Spartan Ultra Rare
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  • zach mueller says:

    I know when and where the cyan spartans happened some were at san deagio comic com some were free one weekend at toysrus in canada

  • Edy Chain says:

    I got a half brown ac spartan in a A14052MM pack, you might update 🙂

  • ZeroGFrame says:

    Found a new set of these guys at a local Wal-mart, with the following codes (I didn’t get the ones that were obviously common, except the grunt, though I wasn’t sure of their numbers):

    Copper grunt: A08052MM
    Pink air assault: A11052MM
    Arctic CQB: A09052MM
    Smoke active camo spartan: A14052MM

    Overall, the number sequence seems to be predictable based on the previous numbers. The old Grunt was A07032, the new one is A08052.

  • 1shot2killz says:


    I have found 6 AC red Spartans w/red needle pistols at Walmarts across Pennsylvania using codes:

    A14032mm and A14052mm

    I have found only 1 AC Blue spartan w/blue energy sword at Walmart in Pennsylvania using code:


    New code for pink spartan:


  • Xanthax says:

    Just a heads up, an easy way to tell if you’re looking at a series 5 or 5.5 pack is to look at the figure on the bottom left of the picture on the front. If you see a pink air assault spartan, its series 5. If you see an EVA, its 5.5.

    Happy hunting

  • matt says:

    how do you tell if its is series 5.5 and not 5?

  • Megaduce Flare says:

    I don’t know if they’ve changed codes depending on the region they’re sold in, a different production run, or what have you, but the codes I found on the figures I got were different from what was listed here:

    A 02052mm – Green UNSC Spartan
    A 03052mm – Cobalt UNSC Marine
    A 04052mm – Yellow UNSC Marine
    A 07052mm – Purple Covenant Elite
    A 09052mm – Arctic UNSC Spartan CQB
    A 10052mm – Flood Combat Form

  • LS says:

    They’ve changed the codes for these and the Re-packaged s5 packs 😛 Anyone know the new EVA Code?

  • zaneman says:

    i have a pink sparrton for $10.00 not $6.00

  • Chris says:

    Blue AC with Beam Rifle- A16052MM
    Stealth EVA Spartan- A11052MM
    Smoke AC w/ Shotgun- A19081MM

  • Jim says:

    SERIES 6!!!!!
    These are awesome. No thread yet? No pictures?
    Here’s what I found at Walmart

    A18102mm yellow active camo combat elite with a notmal UNSC Cobalt marine (mystery pack)
    A17102mm red spartan grenadier
    A16102mm covenant jackal
    A15102mm orange covenant grunt
    A12102mm cyan covenant combat elite
    A11102mm yellow spartan mark V
    A10102mm purple Spartan EOD
    A09102mm UNSC Cobalt marine
    A08102mm UNSC Spartan EVA

    A07092mm cyan covenant combat elite
    A06092mm yellow spartan mark
    A05092mm purple spartan EOD
    A04092mm UNSC Cobalt marine
    A03092mm UNSC Spartan EVA

  • CGR says:

    A09052MM – Arctic UNSC CQB

  • CGR says:

    A10052MM – Flood Combat Form

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