Halo Mega Bloks Battlescape – Coming in 2011

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Halo Mega Bloks Battlescape Halo Mega Bloks Battlescape   Coming in 2011Here is a teaser picture of a new playset that should be released in 2011 in the Halo range of Mega Bloks. ( Picture was leaked on the bloks community forum, I would credit the original poster but am unsure who it was. ) Mega Bloks had a special conference call and released some teaser details of what they plan to release for 2011. More details will be released as we learn them.

The Halo Mega Bloks Battlescape playset is going to include 4 figures, a mongoose and the battlescape itself. I believe the retail price is set at $39.99. The figures appear to be an Active Camo Brute, a pair of grunts with plasma grenades and a UNSC soldier. The mongoose appears to be a different color variation and only time will tell us if it utilizes a different build or not as well. The Battlescape itself appears to be a large piece and then possibly several smaller pieces that are modular and can be placed together with other playsets to create a huge battlefield, how awesome!

This makes me want to build up my armies even more. Im sure we are going to see even more great Halo Mega Bloks sets released in 2011. Heres hopin for a scarab!


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