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Marvel Series 3 – Mystery Packs Review

Marvel Series 3 – Mystery Packs Review

Thanks to our trusty member stuntpk for posting a rather cool picture review of the latest wave of marvel mega bloks hero packs. Now what has surprised many is the speed with which these have hit the stores, series 2 hasn’t been out for that long so this is an interesting move from Mega.


A Trip To The Mega Warehouse ! Have You Been ?

If you’re thinking santas grotto for mega bloks you’d be on the right track and if you haven’t been well I think you’re going to love the pictures and video commentary that one of our forum members Mr.Sci-Fi posted as he made the holy pilgrimage to the great annual mega warehouse sale.


We’re Busy Updating The Site

It’s been a while since we last updated the site and this post is really just to break that silence and let everyone know that we’re still here! In fact not only are we still here but we thought we’d take some time out to give you all an update on what’s happening behind the scenes.


Blue Team & Red Team Weapons Pack Reviews

Things are a little bit quiet here in terms of updates, mainly because we’re busy working on the new version of the site, which fingers crossed we’re hoping to release in Q4 of 2011. However even with our hands tied we thought we’d look into the spartanbloks community for more cool items to share.


And The Competition Winner Is …

On May the 13th 2011 we announced our first ever competition (original announcement here) giving our readers and members the chance to win an exclusive one time custom built scene created by our very own stuntpk! Well earlier this week almost 4 months after it was first launched we were proud to announce the winner.


Halo Fest 2011 – New Mega Bloks Sets & Prototypes

With the last day of Halo Fest 2011 concluding today we thought we’d do a quick round up of all the cool announcements and pictures that came out of the event. Most of the sets and images seen below are scheduled for a Spring 2012 release.

New Unknown Set – Covenant Strike (96916) – Walmart Exclusive

New Unknown Set – Covenant Strike (96916) – Walmart Exclusive

Well if we weren’t spoilt for choice already it seems another mystery set which had escaped everyones radar until now has mysteriously popped up at Walmart. The Covenant Strike set which costs $30 and is aparently a Wallmart exclusive was spotted and reviewed courtesy of death16bed on our forums.


Halo Mega Bloks Phantom Review – 96941

Those of you who are starting to see the latest Mega Bloks sets hitting your stores may already have their hands on items like the Covenant Phantom (96941) or the UNSC Elephant (96942) but for those of us who haven’t, well there’s a very detailed and enjoyable video review of the Covenant Phantom by commanderbacara198.


Custom Halo Sets & Figures

With custom figures and builds increasing in popularity we thought we’d showcase some of the recent custom projects posted on our forums. Not only are these a testament to the growing custom community at but it just goes to show how much more you can do with your mega bloks.

Halo Mega Bloks 96931 ODST Ambush Set Review

Halo Mega Bloks 96931 ODST Ambush Set Review

Still unreleased in many places and on pre-order in many others we’ve got a review of the 69 piece ODST Ambush set (96931). Thanks go out to bcouch77 on our forums for this early review. You can check out the full review on the forums here.

Series 3 UNSC (96946) & Covenant (96947) Weapons Packs Reviewed

Series 3 UNSC (96946) & Covenant (96947) Weapons Packs Reviewed

After announcing the early availability of the series 3 UNSC and Covenant Weapons Packs on eBay UK (see our post here) it seems a couple of our members managed to grab these lovely pieces and have kindly previewed them for all to enjoy!

New Halo Series 3 Weapons Packs – Grey CQB Spartan & Elite on eBay

New Halo Series 3 Weapons Packs – Grey CQB Spartan & Elite on eBay

Thanks to purple cats on the forums for sighting these Halo series 3 weapons packs which are supposed to be out in September. You can check out the pictures and links to the ebay auctions below. If you want to grab these early be quick because there’s only a few left.

More Fall Exclusives!!!

More Fall Exclusives!!!

Heres some good fodder for your weekend! Thanks to Marsh598 from our forum for breaking the news to us on these. Looks like there will be even more Fall exclusives. Some for the Halo 10th anniversary and some of a “Versus” nature ( think red vs. blue ).

Mega Bloks Halo 10th Anniversary Floodgate set

Mega Bloks Halo 10th Anniversary Floodgate set

Was away the last 4-5 days at Origins convention and come back to find this. ( Thanks Marsh598 from our forum for giving a heads up ). The set will include 273 pieces and looks to include a vehicle, “gate”, misc. pieces and figures. Price for this one is $29.99.

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