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Forum was Down

Forum was Down

The forum was down today for a while. It should now be up and running. If you are having problems accessing the forum still then please clear your cookies/cache and try again.


Halo Mega Bloks Series 3 NOW RELEASED

Halo Mega Bloks Series 3 mystery packs have been found! Members of our forum have confirmed that series 3 packs have arrived on the west coast ( Fred Meyers store to be exact ). We have added a new Series 3 page to the website that included the new codes for series 3.

Get the Summer/Fall Releases at the Lowest Prices!!!!

Get the Summer/Fall Releases at the Lowest Prices!!!!

Halo Mega Bloks are a hot commodity and finding the newest releases can be near impossible. If your a serious collector, then you know you have to search and search and search and many times never find OR buy from ebay and pay alot more than retail for the item.


Summer Releases Almost Here

Its almost time for some of the new Halo Mega Blok releases to arrive. Retailers were sent product updates and the new line of Halo items look sweet. Today I thought I would showcase the EVA’s Last Stand set. Everyone loves the covenant hunters and this set has 2 of them!!


Collectors Pack and Store Update

I’ve put together a little collectors combo pack for anyone that is interested. You will receive 1 of each of the limited edition figures…. Cyan, Steel and Teal ( all are opened but with package and all pieces ).


New App and Mobile Site

One of the fun collectibles of Halo Mega Bloks are the mystery blind packs that you can get. Spartan Bloks has been keeping an up to date list of all the codes for each figure to help our members out when they are wanting to get specific figures.


Official UNSC Falcon Review

Here you can see the prototype figures for the new UNSC Falcon set that is due out in the Fall. These two figures are exclusive to this set. They include the silver pilot and the air assault spartan.

Spartan Bloks First Contest!!! Win Win Win a free Custom!!!

Spartan Bloks First Contest!!! Win Win Win a free Custom!!!

Summer is almost here and to celebrate is having a contest where one lucky person is going to win a custom piece done by Collectors Choice. All you need to do to get more details is subscribe to our newsletter.


Covert Drop Pod and Site Updates

Its been a while since Ive made an update. I wanted to let everyone know that the Covert Drop Pod was found in stores about a week ago so good luck in finding it. The picture shown was originally posted on facebook. Pretty cool and comes with a spartan laser!

Noble Team – Kat-B320

Noble Team – Kat-B320

Our forum member ZiZi has been busy with some pretty impressive custom work of his own. His latest piece is “Kat”. Check out more custom work in the customs section of our forum. ZiZi even has posted a great tutorial for beginners on custom painting by using the “drybrush” technique.

Artic Sniper Specialist Drop Pod Released

Artic Sniper Specialist Drop Pod Released

We didnt think we would see the new drop pods till fall but the arctic sniper specialist drop pod has been found in stores. Most reports had them showing up at “Fred Meyers” but our forum member MarkJames65 sent me these photos of the one he got at a Walmart in California.


Flood Time and App Update

New week and time for some new custom pieces. Collectors.Choice has been getting alot of requests for more “flood” custom halo mega bloks pieces, So naturally the next piece was to satisfy some of their fans. This flood looks amazing and the skull is just over the top!


Battle Unit 2 Has been found!!

One of our forum members ( markjames65 ) has found the 96915 Battle Unit 2 at his local Toys R Us. This was found in California so should be making its way towards the east coast soon. It retailed for about $15.

Cash Reward!!

Cash Reward!!

I know some of you dont frequent our forum which is where we have a trading section among other things. So I thought I would post on the main site in hoped of finding someone with what I need that is willing to part with it.

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Halo Wallpapers - Recently Added

If you're looking for halo wallpapers then check out our regularly updated collection of the latest halo wallpapers. We're always adding new ones and of course if you'd like to submit your own please let us know by using our contact page! We'll even credit you with your personal detials.